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Tagungen und Konferenzen 2008

Von IUBS und IUMS geförderte Tagungen





3-7 May 2008 European Congress of Endocrinology Berlin, Germany WWW

12-16 May 2008

COP9 Preconference:
Biodiversity Research – Safeguarding the Future

Bonn im Museum König; Germany


12-16 May 2008 International Seed Technology Association (ISTA): Quality Management Training Course Bangalore, India WWW

16-17 May 2008

1st International Workshop on Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis

Beurs World Trade Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


21-24 Mai 2008

Mushroom Science:
17th International Conference of the International Society for Mushroom Science

Capetown, South Africa

Web: Call for papers (pdf-file)

12-14 Juni 2008 International Seed Technology Association (ISTA): Moisture, Forest Tree and Shrub Seed & Tetrazolium, Workshop Peri, Italy WWW

24-28 June 2008

BIOED 2008: 
Biological Sciences Ethics and Education - The Challenges of Sustainable Development

Université de Bourgogne Auxerre, Dijon, Burgundy, France

Proposal Submission (Word-doc)
Pre-registration (Word-doc)
( Word-doc)

6-12 Juli 2008 XXIII International Congress of Entomology Durban, South Africa WWW

12-17 Juli 2008

Genetics - understanding living systems:
The XXth International Congress of Genetics

Berlin, Germany


13-18 Juli 2008

XXIVth International Biometric Conference (IBC2008)
Organised by the British and Irish Region of the International Biometric Society

University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

sinead (at) conference partners

Email: ibs(at)tibs

20-25 Juli 2008 The 8th International Wetlands Conference Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil WWW

28-31 Juli 2008

Plant Reproduction:
20th Congress of the International Association of Sexual Plant Reproduction (IASPRR)



28-31 Juli 2008 International Seed Technology Association (ISTA): Purity, Germination & Tetrazolium Test on Tropical and Sub Tropical Seeds Workshop Córdoba, Argentina  WWW
5-9 August 2008 XIIth International Congress of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology Istanbul, Turky WWW
5-9 August 2008 XIIth International Congress of Mycology Istanbul, Turky WWW
11-15 August 2008 XIVth International Congress of Virology Istanbul, Turky WWW

August 2008

Microbial Ecology:
12th Symposia of the International Society of Microbial Ecology

Cairns, Australia


12-15 August

The 31th International Geographical Congress - Building together our territories!
Tunisian Geographers Association and International Geographical Union


WWW > Tunis 2008
Dawn Bissell
Executive Secretary
International Geographical Union (IGU)
d.bissell (at) homeof
geography (dot) org

17 - 22 August 2008 XIIth International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME 12) Microbial Diversity Sustaining the Blue Planet Cairns, Queensland, Australia WWW

23-28 August 2008

Histochemistry & Cytochemistry:
International Federation of Societies for Histochemistry & Cytochemistry ICHC 2008 - Dynamic Imaging of Cellular Functions

Gdansk, Poland


26-29 August 2008 XX th International Congress of Zoology Paris, France WWW

7-12 September 2008

16th International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference 2008

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


22-26 September 2008

18th International Congress of Biometerology (ICB2008) - Harmony within Nature

Tokyo, Japan

Masami Iriki
Chair, Local Organising Committee

22-26 September 2008 IUBS Workshop "Integrative Climate Change Biology - iCCB" Helsinki, Finland E-Mail: Mikael Fortelius
22-25 September 2008 International Union of Forestry Research Organisations - Seed Physiology Working group: Trees, Seeds and a Changing Climate Sussex WWW
7-10 October 2008 9th International Congress of Cell Biology COEX Seoul, South Korea WWW
3-7 November 2008 International Seed Technology Association (ISTA): Workshop on Seed Moisture, Germination & Vigour Workshop Nakuru, Kenya WWW
9-14 November 2008 IVth World Congress for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (WOCMAP) - Africa: Cradle of Mankind where man first started using medicinal plants – Using Plants to Benefit People Cape Town, South Africa WWW

17-19 November 2008

"Access and Benefit Sharing"
Meeting of the German Working Group

Bonn, Germany

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